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Meet The Team

Angela Montgomery



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Angela moved to Los Angeles from Philadelphia in 1994 with dreams of becoming a chef. She quickly found herself working in craft services on a production set. Realizing her dream was an unrealistic idea for a young mother, she turned her sights on technical positions. She eventually landed at NBCUniversal as a manager of their West Coast Operations department. Unfortunately, after a couple years, layoffs were announced. Angela had enough at that point and moved to Las Vegas with aspirations of becoming an aging bartender. Finding the party life overrated, she bolted back to LA to complete her mission. After a chance meeting that would change the course of her life, Arcane Global Media was born. 

Lisle Bowen



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Lisle Bowen started his entrepreneurial journey in 2005 when he moved to Miami Florida to pursue his dream of teaching fish how to swim. After failing miserably, he decided to make the transition into marketing and branding. Working with a prominent events company called The 400, Lisle became a Miami socialite and slowly started connecting dots one by one. In 2010 he joined White Glove International where he was given the challenge of rebranding the company. His creative efforts led White Glove to becoming the official concierge of the Miami Heat. After leaving White Glove, Lisle, along with his business partner and mentor J “The Letter” would launch their own creative agency called The Arcane Group. Since then Lisle has worked on many major marketing campaigns with clients such as Chevron and the Miami Heat. Lisle is excited to bring his creative concepts and out of the box thinking to the media industry. 

Eric Wilkerson



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When Eric was a kid in Bakersfield, his parents used to tell him not to watch TV while doing his homework.  He’d frequently hear “You aren’t going to find a job where you get to watch TV all day!”  Intent to prove them wrong, he got a job at a local TV station.  From there he moved to Los Angeles where he was part of the launch of Sony’s Game Show Network.  He was there for several years, working in all areas of Production and Operations, all the while feeding his arsenal of useless trivia.  After GSN he was approached by NBCUniversal to run their West Coast Operations department, where he stayed for six years before moving into his current role at Arcane.

Meet The Team

J. Bradley



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